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“Your past is just a story. And once you realize this, it has no power over you.” — Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters   (via josephgordonslevitt)

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teachers who call on students who obviously don’t know the answer are the biggest dicks in the world because they’re flat out humiliating the kid in front of all their peers

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i hate it when

there’s like a feeling in your gut that something is very wrong and the feeling is so strong that it makes you feel physically ill but the problem is that there’s actually nothing wrong so you don’t know what to do

and the feeling just doesn’t go away


what if you have a soul mate and thats what happens 

when theyre in trouble 


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You know, most people take a plane, but you're smart because you'll have all your TV and clocks and stuff.

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It was not all misery.

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No matter what happens, you’re the best choice I’ve ever made.

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